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Surroundings of Haus Reimann

City of Altenau

photograph: the city of Altenau

The city of Altenau was founded in 1584 as an independent mining town. It is situated 500 metres above sea level surrounded by meadows and spruce forests. Today Altenau is a spa with climate which is beneficial to health and has 3,000 inhabitants and 5,000 beds for guests.

The city offers a center to health spa patients, a swimming bath in the woods, bowling, tennis, hiking trails, Europe’s largest herbage park, ski slope and lift, cross-country ski tracks, slopes to sleigh down and the thermal saline water spa “Hei▀er Brocken”.
Culturally the city of Altenau is always on top. There are spa concerts, musical meeting, theater performances, folk festivals and shooting fairs.

Altenau’s hostpitableness offers rustic local dishes of the former miners and lumbermen as well as international cuisine.

The "Oberharz"

Bild/Grafik: view to the mount "Brocken"
Bild/Grafik: Okerstausee

The Oberharz is a countryside with mountains, woods and raised bogs. Germany’s northernmost low mountain range hits its peak in the 1,140 metres high “Brocken”.

Follow the trails of the famous german poet Goethe and climb the summit of the “Brocken”. Enjoy water sports on the nearby storage lake “Okertalsperre” and experience fantastic walking-tours in a lovely mountain scenery.

Mountain bikers have fun on a network of mountain biking trails. The overall length of the trails is 1,400km. You can choose from 47 routes with different degrees of difficulty.

On Bruchberg’s impervious to water subsurface structure are bog layers up to 5 metres thick. Especially after thunder storms in summer time and snowmelt these layers form a huge water reservoir where the Oker river has its source.

Winter in the Harz area means a lot of fun for every winter sportsman and woman. Hiking trails are cleared from snow, cross-country ski-tracks are prepared, ski lifts and the slopes to sleigh down are ready to be used.